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We do not rent out kayaks2021-03-02T18:14:25+01:00

We don´t rent out our kayaks as in Misool all the islands are private owned and you need several permissions. We can on request make a tailored trip with one guide following you as its also very difficult to find the highlights.

Where do we sleep during the kayak trips?2020-01-20T20:42:37+01:00

– We sleep on sleeping pads with a pillow, silk sheet and a thin fleece blanket (if the night is chillier). We use tropic mesh tents with a tarp as rain cover.

What kayaks do we use during the trips?2020-01-20T20:47:01+01:00

– We use the top model Whisky 16 Tourer with rudder and high quality paddles. It feels good to work together with a swedish company that has long experience in making kayaks and also thinks about nature. We believe that you will like these kayaks which are fun for day trips but also has good volume for packing on longer trips. The designer of the kayaks, Nigel Foster, will be one of our guest guids this winter!
Read more about the Whisky 16 Tourer.

What food do we get while kayaking?2020-01-20T20:48:16+01:00

–While kayaking you will get bags with high quality freeze dried food for lunch and dinners (the food is from Lyofood. www.lyofood.com) and freeze dried fruit for desserts/snacks/breakfast. We also carry berry powders and fruit powders which we mix with water to drink with the meals.
We will buy as much fish from the local fishermen as possible, like for example tuna, grouper and once also langusts (lobster).
We also provide condensated milk, instant coffee, tea, sugar, fruit bars, cookies, snacks, rice et cetera. Fresh fruit will be sourced locally; bananas, ananas, papaya, mango, liche and more. If we manage to get vegetables that stay fresh in the heat we will also buy that for you locally.
Drinking water is included for the whole duration of the trip

Are the flights included in the price?2020-01-20T20:48:40+01:00

– The flights are not included in the price. You need to book your flights to and from Sorong. That gives you the freedom to plan other activities on your trip, both before and after your kayak trip. We will help you with the bookings in case you need help and we can also help you with ideas of what else you can do and experience in the area.

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