Almost anybody can join our trips, but you have to manage the heat, sun and high humidity. We hope that you have some experience of paddling a kayak for several hours in one go and experience of camping. We recommend you to vaccinate against Hepatitis A+B and maybe also japanese encephalitis. Raja Ampat is a low risk area for malaria, but we recommend malaria prevention drugs.

Make sure that your passport is still valid for more than 6 months when you enter Indonesia. Persons from the EU will get a visa for 30 days free at the border. You nedd to have a valid travel insurance that will cover you during kayaking abroad. We have no insurances for our guests so it is important that you make sure you are properly insured before your trip.

Personal equipment that you need to bring along are a sun hat, sunscreen, a head lamp, a camping mat, a bed sheet (silk), water bags, waterproof bags for your gear, bags etc. You will recieve a full packing list after you have decided to travel with us. Do not forget your snorkelling gear and maybe also your fishing equipment. Misool is a paradise for snorkelling and an eldorado for sport fishing.

We are very grateful that we have recieved sponsoring from Hilleberg with complete mesh tents and tarps so that we can sleep well in the heat. A big thank you go also to Primus for the big multifuel stoves and thermoses which save weight and give us more time to explore. A big thank you to all our sponsors!