2-week trip with snorkelling focus in the outermost archipelago
A 13-day trip with 9 days in kayak

2-week outer trip with snorkelling focus!
The focus of our standard 2-week trips (trips 0, 2, 3 and 15) can on request be changed to the outermost archipelago. Instead of the 2 last days in the jungle/fjords/caves we are camping the 2 first days of the trip on a very remote island group, far out in the sea, with pristine coral reef and many turtles. A special snorkelling edition of our 2-week trip.
Note! The outermost islands can only be reached in very calm weather and we can not guarantee that we can reach them. A minimum of 6 participants is needed for the trip.

Guides: English speaking Indonesian guides
Price: 2150 EUR or 2450 USD per person