Millekul Adventures arrange exciting kayaktrips to Misool in Indonesia.

Millekul Adventures now offers a new very exciting programme for the season 2020-2021, from the outermost coral islands along a fantastic dense karst archipelago into fjords and rivers deep in the jungle.

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The adventure in kayak can begin

We have so many amazing trips to offer you! Trips with homestay accommodation only, trips with camping only and also trips with a nice mix of both camping and nights in homestays. If you want to stay at a liveaboard, it can also be arranged. We have trips for all categories of kayakers; beginners and families, advanced kayakers and anyone who is comfortable in a kayak. We arrange trips with focus more on snorkelling and the outmost islands and also a trip only for ladies! If you love to put miles behind you in a kayak, we also have the trip of the century for you. We can also tailor a trip especially for you if you are a group of 6 persons or more.

Why Misool?
Be careful, Misool in Raja Ampat will steal you heart and keep it! In Misool we kayak in beautiful, almost surreal tropical surroundings and play in fascinating karst labyrinths. Misool has amazing vibrant reefs that can be explored straight from the kayak, white beaches to camp on and deep fjords and jungle with exiting wildlife to explore. The reefs of Raja Ampat are amongst the richest in the world; Misool is located in the heart of the “coral triangle”. Take your time to admire the hanging orchids and ancient rock paintings from your kayak, climb mountains to take in the views, swim with jellyfish, or explore the deep caves that there are plenty of in the area. Misool is definitely remote, and it takes time to get there. But that is why the amount of tourists is very low, and most often you have almost the whole archipelago to your self. Raja Ampat, the area which Misool is a part of, is has been proposed to be nominated to the UNESCO World Heritage list. We have written more about this hidden gem here.

The nature and the local communities
The nature is always top priority for us. We cooperate with the local waste treatment organization Bank Sampah that takes care of all our waste, and also the waste that we can collect while kayaking. Naturally, we try to reduce our impact on nature as much as possible. We also cooperate with the local people and villages in every step we take as much as possibly. They manage the homestays and drive the boats that we use. They guide us in the jungle and have given us permission to visit and camp on their land. We try to give back as much as we can. We support the local schools with equipment that they need and arrange kayaking classes for youngsters from the area, with the hope of them becoming kayak guides that can work with us in future. Now we are proud that one of our kayak guides is from a local Misool village, hopefully in the future there will be many more.

Quality is everything
Our equipment and guides are of top class. In January and February you can join our famous guest guides Nigel Foster and Kristin Nelson. The Swedish adventurer Sören Kjellkvist joins as guest guide in March and April. All our guides can give you expert tips in kayaking skills and techniques. Our guests have given us very good reviews regarding our equipment. We have kayaks with very shallow depth, and hence they are suited for kayaking over shallow reefs without harming them, and the kayaks are easy to navigate in caves and karts rock labyrinths. We have different kinds of lightweight paddles and very good PFD’s in several sizes. We provide comfortable tents with fans and mattresses so you sleep well, and all common equipment needed for camping and relaxing. So if you join our trip you will only need to bring your personal equipment, we take care of the rest.

Please click the link below for dates and prices. Almost everything is included in the price, and we will take care of you from arrival to departure. And if you are curious of the experiences of our earlier guests; please visit Trip Advisor or our Facebook page for reviews. We work hard to give you the best trip of your life.