From archipelago to jungle

We arrange a total of 10 paddling trips from November 2018 to April 2019. You will experience a dense karst archipelago with fantastic cliff formations, hidden lagoons, caves, rock paintings, jellyfish lakes, white beaches and nature untouched by man that is definitely off from the beaten track. We negotiate the best prices for the trips and the permissions for camping with the local villages that own the islands and also guide you to the most memorable spots and places to camp. The price covers all costs except the flight tickets to Sorong and back and hotel stays on the way to Sorong. As you book your flights yourself, you have the freedom to plan some more activities before or after our trip. We can of course give you advice on what to see and help you with the bookings if needed.

The trips are for comfortable exploring, this is not a kayaking bootcamp. We will explore from base camps with empty kayaks. The distances are short and the area is calm. Almost anyone can manage, but remember that you need to withstand the heat, the sun and the high humidity.

This is a unique trip that you should participate in at least once in your lifetime!

Our guest guides are:

Trip 1 & 2: Nicklas Millegård, Trip 3 & 4: Sandy Robson
Trip 5 & 6: Nigel Foster, Trip 7 & 8: Henrik Nerman
Trip 9 & 10: Sören Kjellkvist


13 days / 9 days kayaking: 2400 euro / 2850 USD
20 days / 16 days kayaking: 3200 euro / 3790 USD

Booking fee: 10 % of the price, and the remaining sum is to be paid 2 months before the trip. The booking fee is not refundable in case you cancel your trip. Contact for more information.


13 days/9 days kayaking
Trip 1. 4 to 16 Nov
Trip 3. 9 to 21 Dec
Trip 4. 23 Dec to 4 Jan

20 days / 16 days kayaking
Trip 2. 18 Nov to 7 Dec


13 days/9 days kayaking
Trip 6. 27 Jan to 8 Feb
Trip 8. 3 to 15 Mar
Trip 9. 26 Mar to 7 Apr
Trip 10. 7 to 19 Apr

20 days/16 days kayaking
Trip 5. 6 to 25 Jan
Trip 7. 10 Feb to 1 Mar